Original Art Commissions by Lee Williams
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This an old rock building over a century old painted in acrylics. if you can zoom in you might see a ghost from the past standing at the window and door.
Pencil Portrait of 
a young girl.
Pencil drawings are soft and enhance mood. When matted and framed they can add a dramatic look for any room.


Portraits and other art subjects can be done in oils, acrylics, pastels or pencil and pet portraits, florals, birds, homes, scenery and most subjects can also be done in watercolors.
Ink drawings are great for business with many uses; logos, advertising, cards, ads and much more.
A limited copyright or full copyright may be obtained for various business uses.
Murals are in acrylic local orders can be done on a wall or a variety of surfaces, inside or outside. 
Your order may come with limited or full copyright for an additional fee .
Art services are limited to your imagination and they are available in most 2-D mediums.
for more information please email Lee@artcreation.com  if you desire a phone call, leave your name, number and the best time to call.
This beautiful young lady of the late 1800's an Oil Portrait from an old black and white picture post card. The background was added to make a more believable setting and compliment and complete the story. 

Background images you don't like can easily be deleted, a tree moved or added, etc from what is shown in your photos. 

Wall mural, painted with durable acrylics directly onto the wall.
A small fun mural can transform a living area adding interest  
and dimension to an otherwise plain flat space to.  something fun 
and exciting. 

Del City Ball Park Mural done by Lee Williams
  This is a huge Mural is on the outside of the Del City         Ball Park in Ok. This one was done with sign paints   
  because of the large metal building for durability. 
 inside are done in acrylics.
a charcoal and conte' drawing for a logo
   T his was created for a school in 
   Oklahoma City, Ok and used for 
   several different applications by 
   the school in printed materials.
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   or unauthorized use is permitted 
   for this image or any other image 
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