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pastel dog portrait
acrylic dog portrait

All commissioned works are satisfaction guaranteed. Images will be sent to you for approval. A 25% deposit is required to cover expenses for materials. After approval &  full payment is received it will be insured & mailed to your destination.  (USA)
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This is a 2 foot x 4 foot oil portrait from a small old black and white post card of a beautiful young woman gazing into the garden as if dreaming of what her future might be. The post card showed the woman, chair & a non discriopt back drop and I added the garden look to complete and compliment the subject and give a full experience of her story. Backgrounds can be enhanced, by adding or deleting, so don't worry about having someone's hand in the way or some undesirable piece of junk in the background of your picture. Art can be more controllable than a photo but photos can capture action at times that is difficult to do from life.

This watercolor was done from a black and white photo of child for a poem book I wrote and illustrated, "To Those Who Dare To Love" ISBN 1-4137-3622-X. 

The boy is my husband and his mother told the story of the picture "He was upset and got dressed in some old cut off coveralls and my garden hat and said he was running away.  I got my camera and went outside and told him I needed to get his picture to remember him by."  I did not know this wonderful story until the book was published but when I learned it I just had to use it in my presentations.

Watercolor"brick Town Cat"  original painting  
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